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Dr. Rosita Arvigo was born in the early 1940's on the north side of Chicago. She earned her degree in Naprapathy from The Chicago College of Naprapathy in 1981, graduating with high honors. Naprapathy is a system of manipulation that is known for treating damage to the body's ligaments, including those along the spinal column, between the joints, and at the uterus. It ensures a free flow of arterial, venous, nerve and lymph to the tissues and organs of the body. In addition to Dr. Arvigo's work as a Naprapathic Physician, she is a master herbalist with over 20 years of field and laboratory research experience. She is a recognized authority on Maya healing techniques and medicinal plants, and has been teaching these techniques in the United States and Europe for over ten years.


It has been Dr. Arvigo's passion and quest to bring the simple and safe healing techniques of the Central American "sobaderas" to North America and Europe where they are so needed. Toward this goal, she has spent the last several decades in Central America, where she has studied with dozens of traditional healers and midwives, the most notable of whom was Don Elijio Panti, the renowned Maya shaman of Belize. She is the founder and director of Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation in San Ignacio, Belize, an organization dedicated to the preservation and study of medicinal rainforest plants. Additionally, Dr. Arvigo worked for nine years with Dr. Michael Balick of The New York Botanical Garden to collect medicinal plants for research at The National Cancer Institute. She is founder and President of The Traditional Healers' Foundation in Belize, which works to support traditional healers. The newsletter, The Tree of Life, is about Dr. Arvigo's work. She maintains her private practice in Belize.